Beta7 persisting disk problems

Michal Stanislawski freebsd at
Thu Oct 7 12:04:22 PDT 2004

Santo Natale wrote:
 > I'm experiencing the same problem but as far as i know it's a known
 > bug of some VIA ide controllers. Try to switch to UDMA33 with
 > atacontrol (/sbin/atacontrol mode $numberofchannerwhereyourdeviceis
 > UDMA33 UDMA33 ) . It works for me. hope this will help, regards

Here's what I've done:

# atacontrol mode 1 UDMA33 UDMA33
Master = UDMA33
Slave  = UDMA33
# ls /dev | grep ad2

Nothing changed. The slices are still invisible. Any other ideas?

Best regards
Michal Stanislawski

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