gbde misconfiguration?

Balakumar Velmurugan vbkumar at
Thu Oct 7 10:03:44 PDT 2004

     I updated my kernel and built it from CURRENT. Everything went 
fine. When I rebooted the machine after mergemaster, I was prompted to 
enter passphrase for Disk Encryption, as below.

Configuring Disk Encryption for NO.
Enter passphrase:                            <---- When I hit ENTER
gbde: Attach to NO faile: Provider not found
Attach Failed: attempt 1 of 3.
Enter passphrase:

I dont recall if I enabled gbde. Any idea, what might have happened ?. 
More importantly, can anyone tell me how to get around this and continue 
with my booting sequence ?  In my previous build using STABLE,  i didnt 
see this problem.


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