SATA problems with 5.3Beta-7 amd AMD64

Søren Schmidt sos at
Thu Oct 7 03:37:36 PDT 2004

Martin Nilsson wrote:
> Are there any known unfixed problems with SATA disks and ICH5R (RAID not 
> used) controller.

Not that I know off, I can beat on mine for days without trouble.

> I have the following:
> Supermicro  X6DVA-EG board with Intel E7320 chipset
> 2* Xeon 3GHz with EM64T
> 2* Seagate ST3120026AS 80GB SATA drives.
> FreeBSD 5.3 Beta-7 AMD64

Hmm, I'm not so sure about running the amd64 port on the Xeon though, I 
dont think we have it verified that it is 100% compatible..

> The machine hangs (actually the disk layer hangs) from time to time with 
> a DMA read error. The machine is not in production but as it is now I 
> have only console access to it for half and hour every evening. Maybe I 
> should bring it home so I can have a good look at what is wrong with it.
> What is the best (most supported) way to configure the SATA controller, 
> I think it is in enhanced mode now, is this wrong?

It works any way you config it...



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