5.3-BETA7: /etc/rc.d/ntpdate not using "$ntpdate_flags" from rc.conf ?

spam maps spamrefuse at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 7 01:23:51 PDT 2004

Ruslan Ermilov wrote:
> spam maps wrote:
>>I'm puzzled by the /etc/rc.d/ntpdate script and
>>I wonder whether the script is wrong, or there
>>is lack of documentation here.
> I'd say lack of reading the documentation.  ;)

Thanks for explanation and the "sh -x ..." trick.

>>1. If /etc/ntp.conf exists and has servers
>>   listed, then extract the servers from here.
> ... and no ntpdate_hosts was specified.

Hmmm, is this entry missing defaults file:

$ grep ntpdate_hosts /etc/defaults/rc.conf


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