dc0 acting up

Stephen McKay smckay at internode.on.net
Wed Oct 6 19:10:30 PDT 2004

On Wednesday, 6th October 2004, "Jesse Marquez" wrote:

>>If you are willing to edit some code and try again, what happens when
>>you comment out the entire for loop at line 1379 of sys/pci/if_dc.c ...

>Was anyone able to get this to work?

Did you also comment out (or delete) the now unnecessary variable
declarations that were causing the warnings?  The line numbers are
in the error messages.

And as a general Rah! Rah! of encouragement here, this little problem
persists because I don't have the hardware to test it and people who do
have the hardware seem to lose interest quickly.  Keep at it and we'll win!


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