5.3-BETA7 build world: What is genattrtab?

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Wed Oct 6 00:58:58 PDT 2004


I have been successful in installing 5.3-BETA7 on
an old Pentium1 150 MHz with 32 MB Ram.

As swap, I have a 32 MB slice; temporarily, for
the worldbuild, I have added a file /swapfile of
128 MB (using mdconfig, swapon etc.).

When doing the "make buildworld", at some point
this seems to slow down tremendously. Then the
top command shows as the first line:

18752 root -20 0 37752K 5204K swread 5:16 6.30% 6.30%

Surprisingly, there doesn't seem to be an executable
named "genattrtab" on my system !?!

Swapinfo says:

 Device      1K-blocks   Used   Avail Capacity
 /dev/ad0s1b     39848   9876   29972   25%
 /dev/md0       131072   3612  127460    3%
 Total          170920  13488  157432    8%

After a long, long time, the buildworld process
continues again.

Any idea what is going on here?


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