5.3BETA7 - Kernel hangs during boot

Ian Langworth bass at ccs.neu.edu
Tue Oct 5 21:11:06 PDT 2004


I'm attempting to install FreeBSD 5.3BETA7 on my machine with an
ASUS A7N8X motherboard with the 5.3BETA7 i386 mini-installer. The
kernel hangs in the installer right after detecting my storage
devices (a CD-RW, a 120 GB drive with four partitions, and
another 120 GB drive with one partition). A boot with verbose
enabled gives me the output pasted below.

All searches lead to this being an ACPI-related problem, and that
I need to disable ACPI. I've tried the installer in regular,
safe, and verbose mode. I've used the kernel loader to disable
the ACPI parameters manually. I've turned off APIC in the BIOS
and retried the above. All attempts leave me stuck at the same place.

Any suggestions? 

acd0: <LITE-ON LTR-48246S/SS0A> CDRW drive at ata1 as master
acd0: read 6875KB/s (8250KB/s) write 8250KB/s (8250KB/s), 2048 KB buffer, UDMA33
acd0: Reads: CDR, CDRW, CDDA stream, packet
acd0: Writes: CDR, CDRW, test write, burnproof
acd0: Audio: play, 255 volume levels
acd0: Mechanism: ejectable tray, unlocked
acd0: Medium: CD-R 120mm data disc
GEOM: new disk ad0
GEOM: new disk ad1
[0] f:00 typ:131 s(CHS):0/1/1 e(CHS):11/254/63 s:63 l:192717
[1] f:00 typ:130 s(CHS):12/0/1 e(CHS):260/254/63 s:192780 l:40000185
[2] f:00 typ:131 s(CHS):261/0/1 e(CHS):1023/254/63 s:4192965 l:87891615
[3] f:00 typ:7 s(CHS):1023/0/1 e(CHS):1023/254/63 s:92084580 l:142351965
GEOM: Configure ad0s1, start 32256 length 98671104 end 98703359
GEOM: Configure ad0s2, start 98703360 length 2048094720 end 2146798079
GEOM: Configure ad0s3, start 2146798080 length 45000506880 end 47147304959
GEOM: Configure ad0s4, start 47147304960 length 72884206080 end 120031511039
[0] f:00 typ:131 s(CHS):0/1/1 e(CHS):1023/254/63 s:63 l:241248042
[1] f:00 typ:0 s(CHS):0/0/0 e(CHS):0/0/0 s:0 l:0
[2] f:00 typ:0 s(CHS):0/0/0 e(CHS):0/0/0 s:0 l:0
[3] f:00 typ:0 s(CHS):0/0/0 e(CHS):0/0/0 s:0 l:0
GEOM: Configure ad1s1, start 32256 length 123518997504 end 123519029759

It hangs here. When I press the power button with ACPI enabled,

    acpi: suspend request ignored (not ready yet)

When ACPI is disabled, the machine simply powers off, which makes sense.

Ian Langworth
Project Guerrilla
Northeastern University
College of Computer and Information Science

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