[BETA7-panic] sodealloc(): so_count 1

Vlad marchenko at gmail.com
Tue Oct 5 17:07:01 PDT 2004

Welcome to the club, Marc

I have the the same problem,  here is several observes  that I've made:

1) doesn't happen if kernel compiled w/o SMP

2) happen under heavy traffic

3) I had problems  with my network configuration (incorrect broadcast
assigned to aliased ip on interface) + packets loss issue (switch
side). when those two issues has been resolved it seems that it's
working more stable now.

anything common with the above on your end?

On Wed, 6 Oct 2004 01:51:31 +0200, Marc UBM Bocklet <ubm at u-boot-man.de> wrote:
> Hiho! :-)
> My system panics reliably within two or three days with
> panic: sodealloc(): so_count 1
> cpuid = 1
> I have reenabled my serial console and will hopefully catch it the next
> time it happens and get a backtrace/ddb stuff.
> In the meantime, has anybody got any idea what's going on without
> additional info from the debugger?
> Thanks a lot! :-)
> Bye
> Marc


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