atheros frecuencies limited

Marcos Biscaysaqu - marcos at ThePacific.Net
Tue Oct 5 14:44:36 PDT 2004

Sam Leffler wrote:

>On Tuesday 05 October 2004 09:08 am, M. Warner Losh wrote:
>>In message: <416313F0.2000508 at>
>>            Evren Yurtesen <yurtesen at> writes:
>>: For one thing, why shouldnt FreeBSD able to do that?
>>Because the HAL layer is a binary glob.
>>: The other thing is that I thought atheros doesnt have firmware and the
>>: driver handles the regulatory domain settings. Thats why atheros is not
>>: giving out the source code for their drivers (I think there was such
>>: problem)
>>The driver handles the regulatory domain, but it always uses what is
>>in the falsh on the part.
>>: Anyhow. I am not a pro in this so I better shut up :) But it is possible
>>: to enable all the channels etc. available in atheros chip from the
>>: driver. At least StarOS is able to do it so...
>>I'm hoping that ath driver author would reply.
>And I was hoping the "ath driver author" could stay out of this topic because 
>it has been discussed repeatedly.
>The issue is that the ath driver supports ap operation.  As such you are not 
>permitted to change the regulatory domain from what is set in the eeprom to 
>insure compliance with local regulatory agencies.  Drivers that let you set 
>the regulatory domain--that I know about--support only station operation so 
>this is not an issue (e.g. you are not normally broadcasting beacons).  I 
>have considered ways to support ap and non-ap operation in a single driver 
>and still allow the regulatory domain to be changed but haven't implemented 
>	Sam
Hi there.

    it  is shame we can't use all the frequencies available of the 
Atheros chipset when it is completely legal in most of the countries use 
14 channels. In our case we are running more 300 freebsd boxes as 
stations and because of this we need start to think in a different 
option to support  more channels on some of that boxes,  another good 
thing to implement on the driver will be a "AKC TIME" option to make 
work the atheros card properly in different distance.

    another problem than I found is when the signal on the card is more 
than 34, the connection start to have a lot of packet loss, packets 
duplication etc, to fix this we have to low down the signal quality 
until 25  when the connection work perfect, Im not sure if this is a 
problem with the chipset or is a driver problem.

It is any patch or some setting to enable station to receive signal on 
the 14 channel?

Marcos Biscaysaqu

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