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FreeBSD cvs-src summary for 27/09/04 to 04/10/04
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New features
IPFW integrated with ALTQ
Brian Feldman (green) added code to IPFW, the FreeBSD packet filter, to
allow it to work with the ALTQ traffic shaper, by classifying packets to
give them certain bandwidth levels.  If an ipfw rule includes the "altq"
keyword, followed by a queue name, it will be tagged to go into the named
queue.  Before ALTQ queues can be used, pfctl must be used to set them
up, and if the queues are rearranged, the ipfw rules should be reloaded.
You can enable and disable altq entirely by running "ipfw enable altq" or
"ipfw disable altq".

IPFW tags for diverted status and TCP data length
Brian Feldman (green) added support to IPFW for matching packets based
on diverted status -- that is, whether they came from a divert socket
-- and TCP data length.  The new diversion-related keywords are:
"diverted", which matches only packets generated by a divert socket;
"diverted-loopback", which matches only packets coming from a divert
socket and destined for the local system; and "diverted-output", which
matches only packets going from a divert socket to the IP stack output to
be sent elsewhere.  The TCP data length keyword is "tcpdatalen" followed
by a value or list of values or ranges, like the "ports" keyword.

BIND now chroot'ed by default
Along with the introduction of BIND 9, mentioned `two summaries ago`_,
Doug Barton (dougb) has changed the configuration of named, the system
DNS server, to run in a chroot jail by default.  This jail is located
in /var/named.  For instructions on converting from the old /etc/namedb
configuration to the new /var/named way, please see `/usr/src/UPDATING`_.

.. _`two summaries ago`:
.. _`/usr/src/UPDATING`:

Recovery tool for damaged disks added
Poul-Henning Kamp (phk) added a new utility, recoverdisk, that recovers as
much data as possible from damaged disks.  The tool will read an entire
disk or partition 1 MB at a time, optionally writing the output to a
specified file.  Any 1 MB chunks that have read errors in them will be
retried 64 kbytes at a time, and any 64 kbyte chunks with read errors will
be retried sector-by-sector.  The program keeps running and retrying the
errored sectors until interrupted.

As an example, Poul-Henning gives::

          recoverdisk /dev/fd0 myfloppy.flp

The tool is located in /usr/src/tools/tools/recoverdisk.

Notable changes
USB serial devices renamed
Poul-Henning Kamp (phk) changed the ucom driver, for USB serial devices,
to use generic TTY device names instead of customized ones.  USB serial
devices are now named /dev/ttyU# and /dev/cuaU# for call-in and call-out
devices respectively, with # being replaced by the device number.
Previously, the devices were named /dev/ucom#.

These changes also improve the stability of the system when USB serial
devices are unplugged unexpectedly.

Specialix serial devices renamed
Similarly to the USB commit above, Poul-Henning Kamp (phk) renamed the
serial devices for Specialix multiport serial cards.  The old names were
/dev/ttyA# and /dev/cuaA#, and the new ones are /dev/ttyA or /dev/cuaA
followed by the card number, then the port number.

CVS version string format changed
Peter Wemm (peter) changed the format of the version string for the cvs
and cvsbug tools.  It was previously displayed as "Concurrent Versions
System (CVS) '1.11.15'-FreeBSD (client/server)", with the version number
in single quotes.  The quotes have now been eliminated, so you will need
to update any scripts that parse the cvs -v output.

Discussion topics
Changing the behavior of rm
(Editor's note: This is a difficult thread to summarize.  I'll do my best
to give all arguments equal time and avoid insinuating my own opinion;
apologies in advance if this comes out biased.  I've also dispensed with
the usual cutesy attributions in favor of "said"; I may actually just
start doing that all the time.)

Dag-Erling Smorgrav (des) made a commit to rm, with the message "Find out
how flame-proof my underwear really is."  The effect of the commit was to
have rm discard any arguments that consisted solely of "/".

Max Laier (mlaier) said, "From the committer-guide: 'Good commit messages
are important. [ . . . ]' Other than that, this seems to be an outcome of
the *ongoing* thread in hackers. If there is any consensus in that thread,
then it's that every such goof should be conditionalized by a environment
variable.  Any particular reason for this change?"

Giorgios Keramidas (keramida) said, "I do respect Dag-Erling's technical
expertise a lot of times every day, but since I was the one who kindled
the flames of the particular thread, I'm not comfortable at all with this
change. Most of the replies in the thread were against, not for, the
change in the behavior of rm(1)."

Max, responding to his earlier post, said, "You never answered to this
question. Neither on the list nor in your very rude private mail.  While
it is true that this change does nothing bad, I still completely fail to
see the point."  Max then gave a few examples of other ways to rm -r /
that would not be prevented by Dag-Erling's change, saying, "Unfortunately
it's seldom the obvious way that this happens."

Tim Robbins (tjr), in another thread starting from Dag-Erling's commit,
said, "I object to this change."

Dag-Erling said, "Do you really have nothing better to do with your time?
Did you even bother to read the blog entry Giorgios referred to, which
specifically mentioned that the relevant standards have been amended to
allow this?"

Ceri Davies (ceri) said, "It didn't mention which standard, and I guess
from the lack of citation that you have that information to hand either."

Dag-Erling said, "And this is where you'd be wrong.  Check the Austin
Group mailing list archives and the SCU Defect Report in Aardvark. [ .
. . ] As far as I can tell, the resolution was that 'the wording in the
current version of the standard does not allow this, but future versions

Kevin Oberman said, "Look! I might or might not care about the actual
change, but this needs a REAL commit message. [ . . . ] Please do a forced
commit with a real log entry! Then we can get back to the discussion of
its appropriateness."

M. Warner Losh (imp) said, in response to Dag-Erling's last post, "Just
because the standard allows the insane behavior of not allow rm -rf
/ doesn't mean it requires it.  Your commit is disruptive, rude and
disrespectful of your fellow committers.  Please back it out."

Dag-Erling said, "You admitted yourself that the only semi-rational
argument you had against this patch was based on a misunderstanding. [
. . . ] Rude, disruptive and disrespectful behaviour is what Giorgios
was subjected to when he proposed a perfectly reasonable change which
is supported by the relevant standards body and has precedent in other
operating systems.  Now back off, then come back in three days and see if
you still honestly care when the heat of the moment has worn off."

Warner replied to Ceri's post, saying, "I'm quite prepared to back it out
if DES doesn't want to, but that would be rude.  However, I don't want to
see rude behavior rewarded."

Ceri said, "That won't really help.  What the code actually does isn't the
issue for me."

Jun Kuriyama (kuriyama) said, in response to Dag-Erling's first post,
"\*Your\* commit log is wasting committers' time to be forced checking
actual diffs because we cannot know what changes are made from your commit
log." [backslashes added]

Tim replied to the same post, saying, "Your commit adds no value
whatsoever to FreeBSD, and your general behaviour borders on spiteful."

Christian S. J. Peron (csjp) replied to Dag-Erling's initial commit,
saying, "I am sure people could tell you how flame proof your underwear is
if you would tell us exactly what you changed."

John Baldwin (jhb) also replied to the commit, saying, "Not very if you're
too cowardly to say what you changed."

Warner replied to the commit as well, saying, "Please back this out.
There's an ungoing discussion and it is far from clear that this is a sane

Dag-Erling said, "Take a deep breath and a couple of days off, then
re-read the so- called 'ongoing discussion'.  It is a textbook example of
the bikeshed phenomenon, with hardly a single rational argument."

Garance A. Drosihn (gad) said, "There were some ration arguments.  Few of
the rational arguments were for making this change.  I'd say back this
change out."

Warner responded to the initial commit, saying, "I contend that this
change is technically flawed.  While it is allowed by the standards, I
believe we should exit entirely when we hit this 'third rail' rather than
just ignoring the offending arg. [ . . . ] So from a technical point of
view, my opinion is that the only error in this commit is a warn(...)
where there should be an errx(1, ...)."

Dag-Erling said, "I don't personally object to the behaviour you propose,
but it is not what will be in the standard."

Makoto Matsushita (matusita) said, "[P]lease don't "discuss" on cvs-src --
use hackers@ where this topic came from."

Important bug fixes
Console screenshot security bug fixed
Jacques Vidrine (nectar) updated the syscons code to disallow negative
coordinates and sizes when taking a screenshot using the CONS_SCRSHOT
ioctl.  This closes a security hole that could have resulted in portions
of kernel memory being returned.  In order to exploit the security hole,
a user would have to be able to open a /dev/ttyv* device, which requires
local console access on a normally-configured FreeBSD machine.

This security issue affected all 5.x releases, but 4.x was not
vulnerable.  It was reported by Christer Oberg and addressed in

.. _`FreeBSD-SA-04:15.syscons`:

Other bug fixes
Warner Losh (imp) fixed a bug in init that prevented it from being used to
keep daemons running as described in the man page.

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