Handbook: "Advanced Installation Guide" needs modification for 5.X ?!?

spam maps spamrefuse at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 5 01:31:01 PDT 2004

spam maps wrote:
> Hello,
> With 5.3, we have three installation floppies:
>   boot.flp
>   kern1.flp
>   kern2.flp
> However, the Handbook in chapter 2.12.1, only talks
> about "kern.flp", when giving instructions on
> installing over serial port. That may need an
> extra note for the 5.X case, that explains which
> one of the two kern-floppies should be used here.

I think in this context, what is "kern.flp"
for 4.X, is "boot.flp" for 5.X. Isn't it?
If so, the handbook should mention something like
this in chapter 2.12.1 for 5.X case.


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