usb serial confuddlement

Randy Bush randy at
Mon Oct 4 10:18:01 PDT 2004

> Randy, you want the 'umct' driver. It supports that device.

bingo!  thanks!  but ...

  o i plug it in
  o it works fine with kermit as /dev/ttyU0
  o i ^/q from kermit
  o it seems to disconnect the usb device
      ucom0: Belkin USB PDA Adapter Belkin Components, rev 1.10/1.02, addr 2
      ucom0: at uhub1 port 2 (addr 2) disconnected
      All threads purged from cuaU0
      All threads purged from ttyU0
      ucom0: detached
  o and unplugging and replugging it has zero results, does not even
    see it
  o and now plugging in other usb devices causes no logging by usbd
  o killing and restarting usbd has no effect
  o usbdevs -v shows nothing on the hubs

so it works.  once.  well, i guess that's better than not at all :-)


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