VIA VT8235 and Skype

eculp eculp at
Mon Oct 4 08:43:40 PDT 2004

I have serveral motherboards that have the via chipset and VIA VT8235 sound.  It does usually work with the snd_via8233.ko although it is prone to oscillations on a couple of the boards.  I will try to not buy anymore;) but a common problem that they all have is distorted sound with skype.  The folks on the other end hear me fine but they come back a a bad impersonation of Donald Duck.  All my other sound cards work great with skype.  I've tested booting in safe mode, made changes with sysctl hw.snd and now I don't know where the problem could be, driver, acpi, etc..  I've exhausted my minimal resources.:)  I'm ready to just go buy sound cards for all of them.

Xmms, mplayer, etc. all sound fine with the via cards. 

Suggestions would certainly be appreciated.



P.S. I'm running current and skype- as on all the others that work fine.

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