Serial ATA, Write Caching and Soft-Updates

Søren Schmidt sos at
Mon Oct 4 05:08:21 PDT 2004

Jason DiCioccio wrote:
> Greetings!
>  I'm just asking this question mainly out of curiosity.  However, I know 
> that Serial ATA drives can support 'native command queuing' (an improved 
> version of tagged command queuing apparently).  As a result, are serial 
> ATA drives safe to use in a soft-updates+write caching enabled setup?  
> Do they suffer from the same write caching issues that the PATA drives 
> suffered from?

First off we (or rather I) need to grow support for NCQ, and in most 
cases you will need a controller that supports it as well.
As to the suffering, no idea yet, havn't had any NCQ capable HW in the 
lab yet.



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