Bug in #! processing

Sławek Żak zaks at prioris.mini.pw.edu.pl
Mon Oct 4 04:38:37 PDT 2004

Roman Neuhauser <neuhauser at chello.cz> writes:
> # zaks at prioris.mini.pw.edu.pl / 2004-09-30 13:59:48 +0200:
>>     I don't see a convincing use for comments on the first line of script.
>>     Hash is special already when treated as comment character. # is not a
>>     comment in any `scripting language'. It is a shell legacy and shouldn't
>>     be forced on the remaining universe.
>     '#' is the (or a) comment character in awk, perl, PHP, python, ruby and
>     sed, just from the top of my head.

    True. It's not in: Common Lisp, Scheme, SQL, M4, JavaScript. But as I stated
    - shell and other interpreted languages are not the whole world.


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