5.3: redundant libraries in /usr/lib after cvsup-ing and build world ?

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Sun Oct 3 22:29:33 PDT 2004


In /usr/lib I have libraries with dates of my latest
world build, and with older dates. I consider the
libraries with old dates to be redundant.
A typical example is, when I do

 # ll /usr/lib/*libssh*
 289008 Oct  3 17:28 /usr/lib/libssh.a
     11 Oct  3 17:28 /usr/lib/libssh.so -> libssh.so.2
 194148 Oct  3 17:28 /usr/lib/libssh.so.2
 280822 Feb 24  2004 /usr/lib/libssh_p.a

"Oct 3" is when I did my last build world.
Is /usr/lib/libssh_p.a (Feb. 24) indeed redundant?
Can I remove it, without breaking the system?

There are many more seemingly redundant libraries
with lib*_p.a :

libalias_p.a, libatm_p.a, libbluetooth_p.a,
libbsdxml_p.a, libbsnmp_p.a, libbz2_p.a, libc_p.a,
libc_r_p.a, libcalendar_p.a, libcam_p.a,
libcom_err_p.a, libcompat_p.a, libedit_p.a,
libcrypt_p.a, libdevinfo_p.a, libdevstat_p.a,
libdialog_p.a, libfetch_p.a, libfl_p.a, libform_p.a,
libftpio_p.a, libg2c_p.a, libgcc_p.a, libgeom_p.a,
libgnuregex_p.a, libhistory_p.a, libipsec_p.a,
libipx_p.a, libisc_p.a, libkeycap_p.a, libkiconv_p.a,
libkse_p.a, libkvm_p.a, libl_p.a, libln_p.a, libm_p.a,
libmd_p.a, libmenu_p.a, libmilter_p.a, libmp_p.a,
libncp_p.a, libobjc_p.a, libncurses_p.a,
libnetgraph_p.a, libngatm_p.a, libopie_p.a,
libpanel_p.a, libpcap_p.a, libradius_p.a,
libreadline_p.a, librpcsvc_p.a, libsbuf_p.a,
libsdp_p.a, libsmb_p.a, libstdc++_p.a, libsupc++_p.a,
libtacplus_p.a, libthr_p.a, libufs_p.a, libugidfw_p.a,
libusbhid_p.a, libutil_p.a, libvgl_p.a, libwrap_p.a,
libxpg4_p.a, liby_p.a, libypclnt_p.a, libz_p.a,
libroken_p.a, libasn1_p.a, libhdb_p.a, libkafs5_p.a,
libkrb5_p.a, libkadm5clnt_p.a, libkadm5srv_p.a,
libgssapi_p.a, libcrypto_p.a, libssl_p.a, libssh_p.a


In addition, I have following libraries with
old dates:

/usr/lib/libisc.so -> libisc.so.1

/usr/lib/libkse.so -> libkse.so.1



Can I remove all these as well?


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