Removing generic AGP options

Eric Anholt eta at
Sun Oct 3 17:19:42 PDT 2004

I would like to remove the generic support from the various AGP
drivers.  These are the cases of matching the vendor and PCIC_BRIDGE ||
PCIS_BRIDGE_HOST with AGP capabilities.  My reasoning is that, while we
sometimes get lucky, most of the times it seems like the wrong type of
AGP driver attaches, and people get unexplained hangs when doing
"startx."  One example would be myself with a new AMD64 system, where
agp_via attached when agp_amd64 looks like what was necessary.  I know
we've had examples of this before with agp_amd, agp_via, and agp_intel
in the past.  Any opposition?

I think most of our drivers have the PCI IDs they currently support
anyway (I might check linux before making the change), so I don't think
this would have much impact on current users.

Eric Anholt                                eta at          anholt at

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