Conclusion of thread "Deadlocks with recent SMP current"?

Sascha Schumann sascha at
Sun Oct 3 13:10:26 PDT 2004

    Just to give an update on our progress.

    db server: Was upgraded to RELENG_5 with conservative
    settings (no CPUTYPE, kernel config basically GENERIC except
    an increased MAXDSIZ).  Worked ok until we put some load onto
    it.  Crashed hard after about an hour of doing some work.

    www server: Booted cleanly into 5.3 kernel, but would not
    boot anymore after the following installworld.  Deadlocks
    during boot with all tested kernels - even those from a 5.2
    install medium and the previously successfully running 5.2.1
    vga0: <bla>
    adv1: Invalid baseport of <bla> specified. Nearest etc.

    Both machines are 4xP4 Xeons with 4GB of RAM.  If anyone is
    interested in details, let me know.

    - Sascha

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