_my_ panics probably resolved

Volker volker at vwsoft.com
Sat Oct 2 04:15:38 PDT 2004

Hi guys!

Just to let you know about my panics:

My system paniced twice or more often a day since BETA3. Since then I've 
tried every relevant knob in the kernel config without being able to 
resolve the panics. I've removed IPSec, IPv6 etc. etc. from the kernel 
but the system did panic.

The panics have been mostly trap 12, page fault while in kernel mode, 
supervisor read/write, page not present. The tasks causing that were 
different ones (swi, squid, wwwoffle and others).

The last time I've cvsup'ed has been on thursday (noon or morning, I 
don't remember) 09/30/. Then I rebuild world and kernel (like I did 
every other day). The system has been rebooted at midnight. Since then 
I've had not one panic.

For me it's really a huge progress to have not one panic in 36 hours of 
operation. Most times the system has been killed was while or short 
after a ppp (userland) connection has been established or shut down. 
Within the last 36 hours there were plenty ppp connections but the 
system still lives.

I guess the panic has been (hopefully) resolved by another code change.

Again huge progress (from my view).

It's my hope that the FreeBSD system continues this way but currently 
it's looking good.



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