Bug in #! processing

Ryan Sommers ryans at gamersimpact.com
Sat Oct 2 01:39:33 PDT 2004

David G. Lawrence wrote:

>>The following patch changes the check for end of line, so that a comment
>>on the first line must be preceded by white space (' ' or '\t').
>   Personally, I'm thinking that all of the support for a "comment" on
>the interpreter line is bogus and it would be better to back out rev
>1.21 rather than add even more complicated code to work around all of
>the problems that it causes.
I tend to agree. I don't really see adding comments on the first line as 
being all that necessary or useful of a feature personally. However, as 
someone mentioned this has been in for almost 5 years and it's equally 
bad to break a feature some might have come to rely on.

I'm not sure I like adding a sysctl for something as trivial as this 
either, something along the lines of kernel bloat. But if that's the 
best solution to incrementally back this out then I guess it has to be. 
Perhaps this is something that should be taken to arch@ for further 

Ryan Sommers
ryans at gamersimpact.com

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