Frank Mayhar frank at
Fri Oct 1 19:17:09 PDT 2004

I just want to drop a line to you folks (and to Bill Paul in particular)
to express my appreciation for your work.  I received my new laptop today
after my old one finally succumbed to a combination of old age and ancient
coffee spills.  I installed 5.3-BETA6 on it immediately, no trouble, it
knew about the Broadcom NIC out of the box and I did a quick check to learn
how to set up ndis so I could use the Dell (actually Broadcom) wireless
NIC as well.

Built ndis, converted the Windows driver, built if_ndis, installed it,
loaded it, configured the interface, ran dhclient and I'm using it as
I type this.  Took maybe an hour, including burning the driver and
/usr/src on a DVD to carry into the living room.  I was so impressed
that I just had to write and say so.

Kudos to you guys.  You do good work.  After having had to deal with
the insides of Linux for the last year, it's a pleasure to use a system
that is built with such professionalism.  Thanks!
Frank Mayhar frank at
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