ALTQ/pf troubles

Alexander S. Usov A.S.Usov at
Fri Oct 1 09:28:28 PDT 2004

On Friday 01 October 2004 15:28, Brian Fundakowski Feldman wrote:
> On Mon, Sep 27, 2004 at 10:40:00PM +0200, Alexander S. Usov wrote:
> > Hello !!
> >
> > As a happy owner of the 1120/352Kbit ADSL line and 5.3-BETA6
> > I have tried to configure altq as it's described in
> > /usr/share/examples/pf/ackpri and have hit quite a number of
> > strange issues with ALTQ.
> >
> > So, the system is:
> > FreeBSD kvip55.lan 5.3-BETA6 FreeBSD 5.3-BETA6 #0: Mon Sep 27 18:40:51
> > CEST pf.conf & kernel configs are attached to the mail.
> >
> > Just enabling the queueing on the interface with bandwidth == DSL
> > bandwidth results in the appox. factor of 2 drop in the speed of the
> > outgoing transfers.
> >
> > >From my experiments I got an impression that to make this slow-down
> >
> > away I have to specify the bandwith around 700Kb, which is twice bigger
> > than real.

I just have repeated the experiment on different machine, but with basically 
the same config.

Result is quite strange:

setting the altq bandwidth to 100Mb, which is a lan-speed, doesn't results in 
speed resuction -- I am still getting some 10MB/s transfer speed for scp.

Setting it to 10Mb, results in the transfer speed of approx. 750-820KB/s, 
which is somewhat too low.

For 1Mb limit it's working again. ~120KB/s.

Same for 350Kb. Transfer ~40-44KB/s.

It's a bit strange because this two machine are identical from the software 
point of view. All system, except /home, /var and a few files in /etc are 
periodically synced between them.
Can it be due to the bfe network card in the problematic machine?

Best regards,

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