Sony VGN-A 197XP? (Re: Laptop recommendations?)

Franz Klammer klammer at
Fri Oct 1 04:05:32 PDT 2004

Josef Karthauser wrote:
> Because I'm a mug, and that they look nice, I'm considering a new Vaio.
> The model that has me wetting myself in anticipation is that VGN-A
> 197XP, which has a 1.8GHz centrino with a 2mb cache, a 17" 1920x1200
> screen and an 80gb harddrive.  It's lovely.
> The big question is how well does FreeBSD run on it?  I absolutely need
> to have suspend/resume support as it only has a single battery with a
> life of around 2.5 hours (no second battery slot :().
> Has anyone tried FreeBSD on anything like this?  What's the chances that
> the wireless 802.11g and bluetooth will work?
> Joe
> p.s. we could really do with a laptop supported web page.  Anyone?

did you mean something like this?


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