HEADSUP: ad driver will be retired!

Alfred Pederole apederole at mailworks.org
Wed Jun 30 10:36:50 PDT 2004

In a few days time the ad driver will be retired from FreeBSDs
i386 architecture.

Users, please:

 Update your kernel config file (see GENERIC)

 Update your /etc/fstab (use /dev/wd* instead of /dev/ad* or

 Copy MAKEDEV from src/etc/MAKEDEV to /dev/MAKEDEV and make
 all the wd* disk devices you need for your system.

 Unfortunately current is broken right now, so I can't point
 you at a snapshot to reinstall from should you prefer that
 option, but I'm sure that current.freebsd.org will be
 able to deliver one RSN.


 I would like to discuss with the PC98 responsible commmitters
 what the prospects for wd vs ata in PC98 are, please get in
 touch with me.


Alfred Pederole               FreeBSD coreteam member
ape at FreeBSD.ORG               "Real hackers run -stable on their
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