cvs-src summary for June 21 - 28

Thyer, Matthew Matthew.Thyer at
Tue Jun 29 21:37:14 PDT 2004

> There's a small error in this pat of the summary.  It is not the case
> that stf interfaces are created instead of stf0 interfaces in all cases.
> Here's a table showing the changes.
> Command		DEV	Version
> ifconfig stf	stf0	old
> ifconfig stf0	stf0	old
> ifconfig 6to4	<fail>	old
> ifconfig stf	stf	new
> ifconfig stf0	stf0	new
> ifconfig 6to4	6to4	new

Why is there a need to break backward compatibility?

Why cannot "ifconfig stf" result in "stf0" being printed and created?

Does it make sense to have a device created called "stf", and if so why wasn't this required in the old implementation ?

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