HEADSUP: ibcs2 and svr4 compat headed for history

Karl M. Joch k.joch at kmjeuro.com
Tue Jun 29 23:57:34 PDT 2004

 > Hi Karl,
 > Karl M. Joch wrote on Sun, Jun 27, 2004 at 09:48:32AM +0200:
 > [..]
 >>have to trash the stallion card they buyed because it was in the
 >>hardware compatibility list. most was mad, because they have invested
 >>the hardware after changing their systems from SCO to FreeBSD (we
 >>replaced a lot of them). Now I have to tell them "Great, you trashed the
 >>cards (not alot of them have), but you have to stay at 4.x because the
 >>software (ERP/Financial/Billing) we moved from SCO to FreeBSD with IBCS
 >>Emulation doesnt work on 5.x".
 >>No, I am not able to maintain the moduls because i am not a good enough
 >>programmer. If that would be the case i would have adapted the stallion
 >>stl driver.
 > [..]
 > Hmmm,
 > this sounds like you are selling a product based on FreeBSD,
 > which is fine and fair. However, since now you are relying on
 > a feature which suffers from neglect, and you have already
 > thought about contributing yourself, have you thought about
 > offering some financial support to anyone who may be willing
 > to support it?
 > PHK's project appears to be a success, so maybe you could
 > motivate someone with some financial contribution to
 > freshen up the code and at least put it in a port-maintainable
 > state? Just a suggestion.
 > Best regards,
 >  Daniel


no, we are not selling a product and we dont sell hardware too. we only 
build solutions for customers, means setting up servers, networks, vpn´s 
  aso. yes, we choose freebsd for nearly all of our installations 
because i am very happy with it.

regarding the payment, i already asked i someone is willing to make the 
stallion stl driver work for money and how much there would be to pay. i 
havnt got any feedback. when paying money for a job i at least have to 
know the needed time, price and the time i get the driver. donating is 
for sure fine and maybe helps freebsd in some parts to move faster, but 
if customers pays then they want to have some kind of warranty about the 
timeline they get the finished stuff.


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