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Sorry about the lack of summary yesterday - here it is.


FreeBSD cvs-src summary for 21/06/04 to 28/06/04
This is a regular weekly summary of FreeBSD's cutting-edge development.
It is intended to help the FreeBSD community keep up with the fast-paced
work going on in FreeBSD-CURRENT by distilling the deluge of data from
the CVS mailing list into a (hopefully) easy-to-read newsletter.  This
newsletter is marked up in reStructuredText_, so any odd punctuation
that you see is likely intended for the reST parser.

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New features
TCP Selective Acknowledgement (SACK) support added
Paul Saab (ps) added support for TCP Selective Acknowledgements (SACK),
as described in `RFC 2018`_.  This improves TCP performance over
connections with heavy packet loss.  SACK can be enabled with the sysctl

Part of the code was obtained from OpenBSD, with many other changes
inspired by their code.

.. _`RFC 2018`:

Support for LSI-type software RAID added
Soeren Schmidt (sos) added support for LSI-type software RAID, as used by
the LSI Logic MegaRAID SATA 150-2 card.  This was made possible by John
Cagle at HP.

IPFilter updated to 3.4.35
Darren Reed (darrenr) imported IPFilter 3.4.35, replacing the old 3.4.31.
The new version fixes several bugs in ICMP handling and one in state
handling, among others, and adds an option for the maximum number of
entries in the NAT table.  Please see the two commit log links below for
more details on the bugs fixed.

CISS SCSI passthrough support MFC'ed
Scott Long (scottl) MFC'ed the SCSI passthrough support for the ciss
driver that was introduced `last week`_.

.. _`last week`:

sha1 and rmd160 checksum utilities MFC'ed
Oliver Eikemeier (eik) MFC'ed the utilities for calculating SHA1 and RMD160 
checksums, mentioned `a couple of
weeks ago`_.

.. _`a couple of weeks ago`:

Notable changes
User and group added for pflogd
Max Laier (mlaier) added a new user and group, both named _pflogd, with
user and group ID 64.  These are needed for pflogd, the logging daemon for
the OpenBSD Packet Filter, since it is privilege-separated and runs much
of its code as this unprivileged user.

Pseudo-interface cloning overhauled
Brooks Davis (brooks) reworked the code for cloning of pseudo-interfaces,
which are network interfaces that don't correspond to a hardware adapter,
like vlan, lo, and ppp.  His work adds locking and cleans up the code, but
the only user-visible change is that stf (the IPv6 over IPv4 tunnelling
interface) now creates an interface named 'stf' instead of 'stf0', and
when creating this interface with 'ifconfig stf', ifconfig does not print
'stf0' to the standard output.  You will need to rebuild modules that use
cloning for this change.

Important bug fixes
ISC DHCP client 3.0.1rc14 imported
Martin Blapp (mbr) imported version 3.0.1rc14 of the ISC DHCP client
(dhclient).  In the rc14 release of the DHCP server, several serious
buffer overflow bugs are fixed; some code is shared between the server and
the client, but the overflows are not reported to affect the client code.

Panic in 4.x softupdates code fixed
John-Mark Gurney (jmg) fixed a deadlock in the 4.x softupdates code that
could cause a panic when the filesystem is under heavy load.  This fixes
`PR 66781`_.

.. _`PR 66781`:

Other bug fixes

Tor Egge (tegge) fixed a bug in the VM code that could cause random errors
that look like hardware problems, like signal 6, 10, or 11.

Stephen McKay (mckay) fixed a bug that could cause an NFS client to
incorrectly read a growing file.

Lukas Ertl (le) merged some EHCI, OHCI, and general USB code from
NetBSD, introducing some fixes and performance improvements to USB.

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