AMD64 vs i386 for FreeBSD

Kenneth Culver culverk at
Tue Jun 29 07:20:16 PDT 2004

Quoting Remi <MrL0L at>:

> Well I just got an email back from the manufacturer of the AMD64 laptop I
> wanted to buy. Im not sure how it works when switching 64 to i386, but they
> say it's not supported in the BIOS(I assume this is where it is suppose to
> be changed) So now I come to a cross roads:
> 1. Buy a 1.7 Centrino
> 2. Buy a P4 2.8GHz w/ HT
> 3. Buy the AMD64 laptop
> What is the state of the AMD64 version of BSD? Other than that im leaning
> toward the 1.7GHz Centrino, but I hear a lot of problems with FreeBSD
> working right with Centrino, is this correct? What are the issues?
It runs OK, with some minor nits compared to x86 version. I'm not sure 
what the
laptop maker is talking about... but if you boot the x86 version of FreeBSD,
it'll work. I think they meant you can't switch from amd64 to x86 after 
booting an OS.


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