Obtaining a kernel dump is not possible

F. Senault fred.letter at lacave.net
Tue Jun 29 06:52:22 PDT 2004

Monday, June 28, 2004, 10:52:20 AM, you wrote:

> my ThinkPad gets a kernel panic if I boot a kernel with atapicam
> enabled. So I try to obtain a crash dump to get a backtrace. 
> Unfortunately it seems so, that the kernel crashs quit early. Although I
> put dumpdev=/dev/ad0s1b in my loader.conf, I can't call doadump without
> getting the message: "Partition too small. Dump failed."

Is your swap partition big enough ?  It has to be at least as big as
your physical memory.

Who had to wait for a server with 3Gig of RAM to write its dump...
Imagine a stegosaurus wearing rocket powered roller skates, & you'll
get a fair idea of its elegance, stability & ease of crash recovery.
                                               (Lionel Lauer in the SDM)

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