AMD64 vs i386 for FreeBSD

Arne Schwabe arne at
Tue Jun 29 05:36:32 PDT 2004

"Remi" <MrL0L at> writes:

> Well I just got an email back from the manufacturer of the AMD64 laptop I
> wanted to buy. Im not sure how it works when switching 64 to i386, but they
> say it's not supported in the BIOS(I assume this is where it is suppose to
> be changed) So now I come to a cross roads:
> 1. Buy a 1.7 Centrino
> 2. Buy a P4 2.8GHz w/ HT
> 3. Buy the AMD64 laptop
> What is the state of the AMD64 version of BSD? Other than that im leaning
> toward the 1.7GHz Centrino, but I hear a lot of problems with FreeBSD
> working right with Centrino, is this correct? What are the issues?

You can't change the cpu speed while running at the Moment, I don't
see any other iusses at the Moment with my Notebook (IBM T40).


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