maybe zlib-1.2.1? (re: Suggest to upgrade some software in base)

Tim Robbins tjr at
Mon Jun 28 18:08:00 PDT 2004

On Mon, Jun 28, 2004 at 05:33:28PM -0500, Paul Seniura wrote:
> I've been testing zlib-1.2.1 on OSX Panther 10.3.3 and
> on 10.3.4 for several weeks (across an update). 
> I compiled with '-prebind -bind_at_load' replacing
> Apple's own provided files there.  Seems a lot peppier,
> their work does show thru.  If this isn't planned for
> 5.3-R already, I will try when/if I can do it on the
> puny pentium2 at work to give it a whirl (anything to
> try helping it along).

I have zlib 1.2.1 prepared for importing & have been running with it
locally for a few weeks. I should get around to actually doing the
import into CVS some time this week.


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