Suggest to upgrade some software in base

Ollivier Robert roberto at
Mon Jun 28 14:47:01 PDT 2004

According to Brad Knowles:
> 	Do we not already have a person within the FreeBSD project who is 
> responsible for tracking NTP development and keeping the NTP code 
> within FreeBSD in sync?!?  I'm not a kernel hacker, but I'd be 

Yes, we have. Me :-)

> willing to step up to the plate to be a coordinator for this effort, 
> if there's not already someone doing this.

Poul-Henning or John Hay have traditionally dealt with the kernel PLL side
of things and I do the userland part.

> 	I'm a contributor to, and I use FreeBSD systems, 
> including some running 5.x.  I know plenty of people who are much 
> more knowledgeable on this subject than I am, but if there's no one 
> doing this very important job, then I'm willing to take that on.

I'm 95% finished with the upgrade to 4.2.0, I just need to test it on out
Tier-1 architectures.  Lots of bug fixes, IPv6 for free and all that.
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