Please help, panic with current, kern/68442

Daniel Lang dl at
Mon Jun 28 13:29:45 PDT 2004


I filed and updated PR kern/68442 today. I am sort of desperate, since
this is a production machine (a mirror among other
services). I know that -current is not yet production quality, but

a) it behaved very well in the past and
b) it is encouraged to track down problems which tend to appear
   only on real-world loaded systems.

So I hope someone will take a look at the PR, which includes some
ddb stack trace at least and maybe comes up with a solution. 
I did not have been able to generate a core image for gdb
debugging, yet. Usually the machine just hangs, even with the
panic-message I don't get a ddb prompt, dump or even reboot.
In most cases I need to hit the reset button. :(

Thanks and best regards,
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