Help - FreeBSD 4.10 with SATA

FreeBSD Newbie newbie.freebsd at
Mon Jun 28 04:00:59 PDT 2004

 I'd like to install freebsd 4.10 on my computer and use it as a web and mail server. I need a stable and reliable server so i chose 4.10 and not the 5.2.1release. Is there a way to install the 4.10 release on a computer with SATA drive? I got a MSI K7N2 board and the needed driver is Promise Fastrak SATA 378. I'm new to FreBSD and I got only basic knowledge of unix. If there is a usable driver, how can i use it to either make a bootable instalation cd-rom or use a floppy during instalation to achieve that my SATA drive will be recognized by freebsd and I'll be able to install it on that drive?

Please help. Thanks.


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