HEADSUP: ibcs2 and svr4 compat headed for history

Karl M. Joch k.joch at ctseuro.com
Sun Jun 27 00:49:17 PDT 2004

I think if one would ask the stable userbase there would be lot of 
different answers. like for me, i tell customers they have a long live, 
very stable OS for their servers where updates are easy and free and 
they can stay always with the latest release. now i got the problem that 
in the first step there was mails around, that the stallion drivers are 
removed from the source tree. so i had to tell a lot of customers they 
have to trash the stallion card they buyed because it was in the 
hardware compatibility list. most was mad, because they have invested 
the hardware after changing their systems from SCO to FreeBSD (we 
replaced a lot of them). Now I have to tell them "Great, you trashed the 
cards (not alot of them have), but you have to stay at 4.x because the 
software (ERP/Financial/Billing) we moved from SCO to FreeBSD with IBCS 
Emulation doesnt work on 5.x".

No, I am not able to maintain the moduls because i am not a good enough 
programmer. If that would be the case i would have adapted the stallion 
stl driver.

Flame me if you like, but from a users/intergrators point of view 
breaking the backward compatibility that way is really worse for the 
public image of the OS. And the answer "you are free to stay with 4.x" 
is not an answer acceptable for customers.

Best regards / Mit freundlichen Gruessen,

Karl M. Joch

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