HEADSUP - problem with -current on Alpha

Ken Smith kensmith at cse.Buffalo.EDU
Sat Jun 26 06:59:44 PDT 2004

This is just in case anyone is thinking about updating an Alpha box
in the near future...

The Alpha reference machine in the cluster has had problems with the
kernel two days in a row.  It basically spews a ton of messages about
malloc(3) being called recursively when it tries to start the init

I was able to track it down to a specific commit that causes it
(sys/vm/vm_map.c rev 1.339) and I notified the people who would need
to take a look at it.  But at the moment we all kind of agree that
what's happening doesn't make any sense given what the commit does.
It's still being looked into but at the moment it seems possible
this commit isn't the real cause of the problem, but it "aggravates"
the issue(s) that have been causing some long-standing stability
issues on Alpha (i.e. what Kris is seeing as instability on the
ports building machines).  This commit hasn't caused any problems we've
seen on any architecture other than Alpha - the rest of the reference
machines seem to be uneffected.

Best to hold off on updating -current on an Alpha unless you want to
help try to track down the problem... :-)

						Ken Smith
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