Install on Compaq Presario R3030US

Neil Short neshort at
Fri Jun 25 21:12:42 PDT 2004

I have the same behavior on an HP Pavilion zv5000z -
sister to your computer.

There are at least 5 other people I have noticed who
have expressed this behavior in different places.

I would be willing to run some kind of diagnostic on
my equipment if you can recommend something. FBSD 4.10
gives no error messages. It just powers down after a
few seconds.
I just tried the Debian install CD and it boots just
fine. (Naturally, I'd prefer FreeBSD over Debian.)

quoted text====
made complete new CD set.

then booted ...

Everything goes nice (for the first few seconds ;-))
than I get the "Welcome to FreeBSD!" bootmenu,
but whatever I choose here, it displays the kernel
load message
and then shuts power off ....
end quoted text====

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