[Repost: bge0 coming up too late??]

Tom Parquette tparquet at twcny.rr.com
Fri Jun 25 15:40:12 PDT 2004

George V. Neville-Neil wrote:
> At Thu, 24 Jun 2004 23:06:31 -0400,
> Tom Parquette wrote:
>>Sorry about reposting this.  I got nothing back the first time.  I 
>>originally sent this Father's Day weekend and I'm hoping it it got 
>>TIA for any help/input.
> Hi,
> 	I have several of these cards with 5.2 and 5.2.1 running on
> 	them and have no problems.  I don't use dhclient but I do use
> 	static IPs.  I recommend running dhclient manually and seeing
> 	what happens.  If you can snoop packets on the wire all the
> 	better.  It looks from your log as if the interface is OK but
> 	that you don't get an IP address before going on to try to
> 	bring up other services (amd et al).
> Later,
> George
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When I code a static IP address (with and without the media parm) I have 
the same problem.

The machine acts like the card will not activate (at all) until I run an 
"ifconfig" or "ifconfig bge0" against it.  That is when I get the 
message that the gigabit interface is running.

When I ordered the card, I didn't notice it was OEM.  So I didn't get 
DOC or an Etherdisk.  I downloaded the manual and the Ethercd but I'm a 
little confused (maybe.)

Every other 3Com card I have had, I ran the Etherdisk configuration 
utility against when I installed the hardware.  The tools only appear to 
run under windows.

Did you have to take any configuration actions when you installed your 


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