jail getfsstat patches.

Julian Elischer julian at elischer.org
Fri Jun 25 18:16:11 PDT 2004

There are patches around to make 'df' and 'mount'
show pretty much the exact right thing from a jail.

In both -current and 4.x

I propose to commit these.

"jailfsstat - With this kernel module process in jail can only see file
systems mounted inside."

for 4.x


for 5.x

with possible small changes..

e.g. the 4.x version would not be a module 
but would have a sysclt to turn it on 
(off by default)

and the 5.x version may require osme small work too..

Does anyone violently object to these?

The fact that df or mount shows so much not only confuses the hell
out of users, it makes scripts fail in odd ways.
(and bugs the hell out of me too).


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