vfs.usermount not working anymore on SMB shares?

Rudolf Cejka cejkar at fit.vutbr.cz
Fri Jun 25 12:15:42 GMT 2004

Simon Barner wrote (2004/06/25):
> > 	The simplest solution is to preload all necessary conversion
> > tables via creating some mount points as root.  iconv interface will reuse
> > them for all subsequent user mounts.
> > 	The more proper solution will be an userland utility which can 
> > preload tables at boot time.
> And an accompanying rc.conf hook, like iconv_preload=...
> I like that idea a lot, and I'll see that I'll get it implemented
> soon[tm].

You can see http://www.ryu16.org/FreeBSD/kiconv/ - there is something
already and I use it successfully for long time. Unfortunately, it is
not in src and nor in ports yet.

I had plans to ask R. Imura about iconv kernel implementation, because
it seems to me that it has off-by-one bugs and it looks very insecure,
because root can unwittingly overwrite kernel memory, but it seems to
me that he is doing different things now. I have in my todo list,
that /usr/src/lib/libkiconv/xlat16_sysctl.c
  if (strlen(from) > ICONV_CSNMAXLEN || strlen(to) > ICONV_CSNMAXLEN)
should be
  if (strlen(from) >= ICONV_CSNMAXLEN || strlen(to) >= ICONV_CSNMAXLEN)
and there is no length checking of from and to fields in
/usr/src/sys/libkern/iconv.c, when table is added, however I did not
check it more carefully yet (and it is falling lower and lower in
my todo list :o(.

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