problem with ACPI

Sahil R Cooner cooner at
Thu Jun 24 15:22:51 PDT 2004

I just cvsuped my /usr/src tree to the -current. 

I type these commands and everything went fine with no errors ...

# make buildworld
# make buildkernel
# make installkernel
# reboot

then on reboot I got a Fatal trap 12 error: page fault while in kernel 
mode, because of ACPI ...
the error it said was
Stopped at rman_get_bustag+0x6: movl 0x24(%eax),%eax

So, I obviously boot without ACPI support, ran ...

# mergemaster -p
# make installworld
# mergemaster
# reboot

everything sort of worked after that but I was just curious about ACPI 
support that I had working before updating ...

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