Multiple choices for RAID-0, best performance?

Eirik Oeverby ltning at
Thu Jun 24 07:41:08 PDT 2004

Søren Schmidt wrote:
> Daniel Eriksson wrote:
>> Also, will the RAID-0 performance (transfer speed and/or resource 
>> usage) of
>> ataraid be affected a lot depending on what controller is used? For 
>> example
>> would there be any performance difference between ataraid on a 
>> HPT374-based
>> card (such as the Highpoint RocketRAID 454) and one of the new Promise 
>> cards
>> (which we have really good drivers for afaik).
> Well, I havn't measured the performance diff between HPT and Promise 
> lately, but I'm pretty sure Promise wins due to much lower command 
> overhead.
> However in the not to far future this wil change *significantly*.
> ataraid is in the learning phase of using the command sequencer in the 
> Promise (and Marvell) chips which will boost performance by having the 
> controllers do some of the RAID work (in case of the pdc20621 chips in 
> can even do HW XOR for RAID5).
> Needless to say that it will only work with ataraid, as this needs 
> intimate knowledge of the ATA controller workings to be used effectively.

Any chance Silicon Image SATA-RAID chipsets will be supported this way? 
Some of the heftier Tyan (dual) Opteron boards use this chipset.. I hear 
from various sources that it sucks, but ... Can't give up hope yet, can 
I? ;)


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