Panic on today's -current

Damian Gerow dgerow at
Thu Jun 24 07:24:21 PDT 2004

Thus spake Conrad J. Sabatier (conrads at [24/06/04 10:18]:
: On 24-Jun-2004 Beecher Rintoul wrote:
: > Hi,
: > 
: > I'm getting a panic on today's -current kernel. I don't have a serial
: > cable so 
: > I couldn't save the message, but it panics after loading lo0.
: Same here.  Just after, or during, the configuration of lo0.
: On a normal boot, the next thing to appear just after lo0 is:
: filter sync'd
: starting dhclient
: Perhaps it has something to do with ipf and/or pf?  I have both
: configured into my kernel.

See my thread 'ipf 3.4.35 woes' -- I'm using ipf, but not pf, and seeing
exactly the same thing.  And if I turn off the loading of ipf rulesets on
boot, the panic goes away.  Reloading them manually afterwards doesn't cause
the panic.

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