Multiple choices for RAID-0, best performance?

Daniel Eriksson daniel_k_eriksson at
Thu Jun 24 06:43:55 PDT 2004

Brad Knowles wrote:

> 	My understanding is that regular vinum won't work on 5.x, you 
> need geom-vinum for that.  Recent postings from Søren have lead me to 
> believe that none of the ataraid stuff works with 5.x, either -- you 
> can use them as plain ATA controllers, but the RAID stuff has not yet 
> been worked out.

I'm using both regular vinum and ataraid on the production server (which
runs a fairly recent -CURRENT). They both work fine, and ataraid even
updates the metadata for the Highpoint RocketRAID 454 correctly (so that
arrays show up in the BIOS config).

> 	That takes us back down to geom-vinum, geom-stripe, 
> perhaps some 
> SCSI RAID controllers which aren't affected by any of the ATA stuff, 
> and maybe ccd.

I was under the impression CCD didn't to "normal" RAID-0, but instead used
some sort of interleaved concatenated mode that resembled RAID-0 for some
use-cases. If I'm wrong then that makes the number of choices 5 instead of
4. :-)

/Daniel Eriksson

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