_<service> users [Was: startup error for pflogd]

Andre Oppermann andre at freebsd.org
Thu Jun 24 09:01:59 GMT 2004

Doug White wrote:
> On Wed, 23 Jun 2004, Max Laier wrote:
>>>I think its quite doable for 6.x; this gives ports a chance to get on
>>>board without having a huge rush before 5.3 hits the street.
>>I completely agree with you here. My question is, what should I do with
>>pflogd? I don't see much point in creating user pflogd now, patching pflogd
>>to use it and revert everything back for 6-current. So will it be much of a
>>problem to add _pflogd now eventhough the rest of the daemons is not yet
> Well, everything else is going to have to get patched too, so pflogd will
> just ride the megacommit. :-)
> How many places is the username referenced in the code? I wouldn't think
> it would pop up more than a couple of times.

Or just make it a #define.  That'd be the easier way to go.  I'm sure
Daniel is going to see the justification for this and feed that back
to OpenBSD as well.


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