Kernel Panic with new kernel

F. Senault fred.letter at
Thu Jun 24 08:06:23 GMT 2004

Wednesday, June 23, 2004, 3:06:49 AM, you wrote:


> Hi,
> I use vinum and as soon as the vinum module is loaded durring boot I
> get the following

> panic: umount: dangling vnode

Seen exactly the same, with kernel and world cvsupped and rebuilt
yesterday.  On the other hand, if I boot into single user, kldload
vinum by hand, and continue the boot process, everything goes smoothly.

It's a test machine, if I can get something to help, I can try.

(In the other news, I'm also having problems with SMP on a CUR-DLS Asus
board.  Under load, system freezes solid with CURRENT, but works
flawlessly with STABLE...  More info on that if I can get something.)

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