Panic on today's -current

Beecher Rintoul akbeech at
Wed Jun 23 22:48:22 PDT 2004


I'm getting a panic on today's -current kernel. I don't have a serial cable so 
I couldn't save the message, but it panics after loading lo0. Booting a 
kernel from a couple of days ago does not produce the panic.  I'm also now 
getting a strange message I've never seen before. Several places during boot 
I get the message: "This: not found" I'm also getting this message from 
crontab on save-entropy. Running the shell script by hand also produces the 
same message. The box in question is a 400 MHz HP that has been solid as a 
rock until today. Does anyone have a suggestion, or should I revert the build 
back a couple of days?


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