Problems installing Fre*BSD with 3ware 9500S-4LP

Doug White dwhite at
Thu Jun 24 03:14:56 GMT 2004

On Wed, 23 Jun 2004, Patrick Hurrelmann wrote:

> But i tried to install that thing one more time. This time i downloaded
> a new 4.10 image and installed with that. boot-loader _does_ work with
> freebsd 4.10 although it page-faults later on boot. with 4.10 i can get
> to loader-prompt.

We'll need to see the trap output to make any determinations of cause.

> 4.10 has twa build in, right? it's not mentioned in the hardware-notes
> on i was able to load twa.ko of a disk in loader, but that
> is quite unuable as twa is already build into generic-kernel.

Yes, it ships with 4.10.

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