FreeBSD on 64 bit AMD

Eirik Oeverby ltning at
Wed Jun 23 11:26:55 PDT 2004

Freddie Cash wrote:
>>Is anyone out there running FreeBSD on the AMD Opteron Processor 200
>>We're looking at putting a Sun V20z into production and I would very
>>much appreciate hearing any experiences out there using this hardware
>>with FreeBSD.
> Pop over to and read through the
> various threads about this.  There are quite a few people running
> 32-bit and 64-bit FreeBSD on the Athlon64 and Opteron.  Some are
> having nothing but problems, other are having nothing but smooth
> sailing.  Their experiences appear to depend on the ports they are
> running.

And what kernel revision. I seem to have found a 'sweet spot' with a 
rock solid kernel right now, but for about two weeks after upgrading my 
dual p3 to a dual opteron, it was crashing every second day due to some 
kernel issues. Was never able to debug it though, since I'm sitting in 
Oslo (Norway) and the box is in Hamburg (Germany), so all I could do was 
  upgrading kernel/world small steps at a time until it survived a night ;)

But right now, it's pretty darn smooth. And the fastest box I've ever 
laid my hands on, locally or remote.


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