About the Darwin merge

Gordon Bergling gbergling at 0xfce3.net
Wed Jun 23 09:39:58 PDT 2004

Xin LI wrote:

>From the 5.3-RELEASE todo page I saw:
>"Merge of Darwin msdosfs, other fixes
>Not done -- Apple's Darwin operating system has fairly extensive
>improvements to msdosfs and other kernel services; these fixes
>must be reviewed and merged to the FreeBSD tree."
>Is there someone actively working on this? BTW. A Darwin msdosfs
>merge patchset, which was originally posted as kern/55861 with
>some minor modifications, was committed last December. Shall we
>modify the status of this item?
>PS. I am interested in helping out this item :-)
A few weeks ago I had started to take an deeper look into the darwin sources
especially into msdosfs. I had talked to scottl@ and if I remember 
correctly he had
cc:ed rwadson@ about an initial diff I had created. This diff can be 
found at
(~ 240 KB).

This diff is only a diff against HEADs msdosfs and the first release of 
apples msdosfs (-30).

Maybe someone can take a look on what we can need from this patch. I had 
enough time
to take what we may need and merge it for HEAD.

Maybe some people can synchronize their work here... ;)

best regards,


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